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Mary and Bill Yoder, Shaklee Independent Distributors: promoting whole health and financial freedom
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Our Shaklee Story

Looking for Health? Freedom? Or Both!


Mary Yoder

Optimal health is our passion. It is what we live, and what we encourage for others.  As practicing chiropractors for over twenty years, we have had the privilege of assisting many on their wellness journeys.  We would love to help you to live your life with health, vitality and ease! To introduce you to Shaklee let's start where we did - with the products; pure, potent and proven to work. Our Nutrition, Weight Management, Home Care and Personal Care products carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That's why we choose these products for our family and to recommend to our patients. No others that we tried have given the consistent results that we have enjoyed with Shaklee. Our home is a Shaklee haven, and our active lives are fueled by Shaklee nutrition. 

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When products are this good, you can't help but want to share them with everyone you know. That’s why we have taken our Shaklee business beyond our practice doors.  We want more people, and that includes you, to discover their many life-enhancing benefits.

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Shaklee products also provide the perfect foundation for an amazing income opportunity.  The simple truth is, financial constraints often prevent people from making the best choices for their own well-being.  We love that not only can we offer you the best products to support your health, but we can offer you the means to purchase those products, too.  (And perhaps income beyond that which you expected possible for you – all while getting healthier, and helping others to do the same!)

Bill Yoder

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Beginning a home-based business in Shaklee could be the smartest move that you ever make. Shaklee provides the ability to control our own destiny, determine our own priorities, set goals and achieve them, advance and increase our own income based on what's important to us. And everything we do to achieve our own goals helps someone else achieve theirs. We do well, by doing good.

But we didn't come to this conclusion and make a decision without a few questions. We expect you probably have some too.

We'd welcome the chance to talk with you about your situation, find out what you're looking for - health, freedom, or both - and see if this is right for you. So click on orange "Contact Us" button at top of page and let us know if we can help!